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Create, Keep, And Multiply Customers
For Your Business With Our
Done-For-You Marketing Systems

Are You Ready To Gain An “Unfair”
Advantage Over Your Competitors?

Proven Marketing Systems Ready to “Plug-In” To Your Existing Business,
All Done-For-You By Our Expert Team So You’ll Get More Leads, Sales
and Profits With Less Effort and Less Cost!

What do you want more of?

Are you a manufacturer looking for a way to help your dealers grow?

Why Done-For-You Is Good-For-You
G|Four Marketing Vs. Your Own Team

Which Is Better For You?

You benefit from the leverage we’ve created. We’ve done the expensive and time consuming work of
designing and developing sophisticated marketing systems. Instead of your having to spend tens of
thousands of dollars developing your own system(s), you just “plug-in” to ours. And instead of having a
person or team to execute the system, we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. You’ll get the benefits of OUR
marketing systems in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the price and with a fraction of the headaches!

The g|Four Team Benefits:

You never have to worry about us calling in sick

You don’t have to manage us, pay our taxes, or pay workers comp!

You never have to worry any part of the system being forgotten or ignored “until next month” because they didn’t have enough time to get it done.

You don’t have to write, edit, design, proof, lick stamps… NOTHING

You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars creating a system

You get proven, consistent and 100% reliable marketing systems all for less than the cost of a minimum wage employee!

The g|Four Team Benefits:

They have to figure out what “works”

They have to create a system (and you have to pay big $$ to develop it)

They might get too busy and aren’t able to execute consistently

They have to be managed, supervised and have to show up for work

They are expensive… wages, matching taxes, insurance, benefits, days off, holidays + desk, phone, computer

Relationship Marketing

The key is consistent follow up and relationship buiding. You'll never worry about your customers "falling through the cracks" again.

This program will help you maximize your profits by building long-term relationships with your best


The Manufacturer Driven Leads Program™

This program - designed specifically for manufacturers - will help you, help your dealers sell more product and make more money. Coming soon.

Lead Generation

The Ultimate Lead Attraction, Nurture and Conversion Maximizer

If you don't have a way of capturing prospects at the BEGINNING of their buying process, you are missing out on leads... a ton of leads! Now you can have a system that offers prospects exactly what they want, automatically delivers it to them, then nurtures and converts them into leads.


As a marketing strategist Brian has worked with entrepreneurs in nearly two dozen industries from start ups to $50 million enterprises.


Brian Kaskavalciyan is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and marketing strategist.

Are Your Clients Paying Attention To You?

Your clients' attention is high in demand

Your clients and prospects are being bombarded by thousands of advertising messages every hour of every day. These advertising messages, from your competition and others are not only competing for your prospects money, but they are also competing for their attention.

Consumers today are too busy and caught up in their lives to care about you or your business. They are tired of being “sold” to – CALL TODAY, ONE DAY ONLY SALE. The consumer, your prospect, your client wants to know “what’s in it for me.” They want to know how your product or service is going to benefit their lives.

Beware your clients could leave you at any moment

The days of being able to rely on a “loyal” customer base are dead. Too many business owners today are waiting for business to come to them rather than working at creating a systematic steady stream of business from both new clients and their existing clients.

At our core, g|Four Marketing Group is about helping you, the
entrepreneur, the business owner optimize your business so it’s
maximizing profits, equity value and personal freedom.

Whether You Are B2B Or B2C
We Work With You To:


Uncover the hidden (and/or neglected) profits inside your business.

This is the area we do the most work in — profit solutions. We will install marketing processes and systems designed to maximize the sales and profits your business earns.


Develop your “franchise” business model.

We help you develop processes and systems that produce consistent results across all aspects of your business.


Remove you from the day-to-day business activities.

We’ll accomplish this by helping you set up marketing and business development processes and systems that will create a “franchise” model transforming you from Reactive Business Owner (RBO) to Strategic Entrepreneur.


Install you as the CEO.

The Strategic Entrepreneur — driving your company’s success from the outside looking in. What we call a Fourth Stage Entrepreneur.™


Prepare your business so it can be sold.

(maybe today, maybe eventually). There are very specific things buyers of businesses are looking for. Most small businesses don’t have these things in place. We’ll help you structure your business so it will be attractive to a buyer.

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