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Charlie Gindele, Renewal By Andersen Orange County
gFour Marketing Member #1 (Member since 2009!)
First video is from 2010, second is from 2016.

Candy & Mario Famada
City Roofing

Danny Peterson
Integrity Home Pro

Brian Elias
President, 1-800-Hansons

Becky Housh
Arry's Roofing Services

Client Case Studies

30.3% Increase In Repeat & Referral Business!


13 Closed Sales Within 30 Days!


Repeat & Referral Business Increase of 70%!



Overall client rating is 4.96 out of 5.0 gFour Marketing Group Inc. by 73 .

Linda Johnson
RBA Central PA

Bob Perry

Integrity Home Pro

Scott Barr
Southwest Exteriors

Shane Schuckman
Managing Partner, RBA of Phoenix & Las Vegas

Ger Ronan
Owner, Yankee Home Improvement

Scott Holtzhauer
Prince William Home Improvement

Greg Joyce
Schuler Service

Mario and Candy Famada

City Roofing

Event Testimonials


“The Results Were Overwhelming”

“I hired Brian to help me come up with some out of the box ideas for growing my business. He suggested a seminar for local contractors to show them the benefits of using our products in their home improvement projects. With his help, we scheduled a two-day event. Brian and his team marketed the idea to the contractors using direct mail. The results were overwhelming; the seminar quickly sold out and we even had to create a waiting list! We want to conduct another seminar, but we’re so busy as a result of the first one that we don’t have the time! If you want to grow your business, I would highly recommending contactng Brian at g|Four MarkeFng. “

Juan Carlos

President Metal Master Roof Supply


“WOW! Our online revenue jumped by 522% the first month you redid our online marketing strategy. Thank you!”

Valerie Martinez

HomeTech Electric

“To put a dollar figure on it, we have an increase of $227,653 in previous customer sales and an increase of $84,831 in referrals sales”

Scott Holtzhauer

Prince William Home Improvements


“Brian rocks!!!!”

“Anyone starting their own business is kidding themselves if they think they don’t need help from a marketing expert. I knew 100% I had a superior product in our fleet and the crew that operates it. I quickly found that just isn’t enough. As you can imagine, with a new company comes excitement and passion. Brian taught me where to direct that energy to create the most impact and instantly grow my company. It’s truly amazing what focus and strategy can do. Without Brian, our helicopters would be nothing more than fancy hangar ornaments. Brian knew exactly how to target our clients and get our name directly to them. Thank you Brian for keeping us up in the air!”

Maria Hoban

Catalyst Aviation


“In a phone consultation that lasted less than one hour, Brian recommended a number of strategies for improving our business. But, the big take away from the phone call was Brian’s suggestion of new profit center for our business that could lead to significant additional profits this year!”

Chris Stanton

KSG Transform

“Working with Brian and his team is the cheapest way to increase your profits”

“For each dollar you spend, you will see a measurable return in your sales and profits. Within our first hour together, Brian had earned his daily fee, and the rest of his time was sheer profit. I have relied on Brian’s advice ever since.”

Spiro Hishmeh

Alexander McCabe Financial

“As a direct response copywriter and internet marketing expert myself, there aren’t very many people whose advice I value or trust. Brian is one of the few people who understands how to grow a business’s profits using results driven marketing strategies and how to write copy that sells!”

Bill Quinn

121 Group

“Brian not only helped us stay focused with all of our business goals, he helped increase our revenue by improving our billing and collection methods. Brian stayed committed to our success and encouraged us to make changes for the better!”

Barbara Bartee

Beach Fitness Private Training