RELATIONSHIP MARKETING = More Repeat Business. More Referrals. More Reviews.

"What's the *Secret* to Getting Better Quality Leads, Closing More Sales and Earning Higher Profits?"


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How many times have you said to yourself...

"I Know I'm Not Getting All The Referrals & Repeat
Business I Could Be (Or Should Be) Getting… And
It’s Costing Me A Fortune In Lost Profits!”

Well, you’re not alone. The truth is, most businesses don’t get anywhere near the referrals and repeat sales they could be getting, or should be getting.

And more than likely, your business is no exception.

For most companies this is an opportunity that could be worth thousands, likely hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional sales and profits and EQUITY VALUE.

At gFour Marketing we help successful contractors capture more of these opportunities for better quality leads, more closed sales and higher profits!​

At gFour Marketing Group...

We Have a Proven Action Plan For Creating "Customers For Life", So You'll Get More Repeat Sales, More Referrals & More Online Reviews!

This includes a done-for-you marketing program that is
customized to your business. This program will help you with...

Customer Appreciation

Show your appreciation to make your customer feel special. Our system says Thank You to every customer, the right way, every time... on your behalf. This builds loyalty, delivers a “wow” experience and leaves a lasting impression in your customer’s mind.

What is a customer worth to you?​

Get Customer Feedback, and Turn That Feedback Into 5-Star Online Reviews

Over 90% of your potential customers are reading your online reviews and basing their buying decisions on what they are reading about you from previous customers. Do you have a system for getting more 5-Star Google, Yelp and Facebook reviews?

What are 5-Star online reviews worth to you?

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Regular, Consistent Customer Follow Up

How many of your customers have “fallen through the cracks” over the years because you haven’t done an effective job of keeping in touch with them? How much has that cost you in lost sales and profits?

Consistently keeping in touch with your customers helps keep you top-of-mind... so when the the opportunity for the next job or referral shows up you have a good chance of getting it.

What is your relationship with each customer worth to you?

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Your Referral Rewards Program™

Are you reminding your customers about who you are, what you do and how to get a hold of you? If not, chances are good they can't remember you when it's time to make a referral.

With gFour Marketing you'll get a complete strategy for getting more referrals. Our Referral Rewards Program™ includes a referral contest, reminders, great prizes, your own Referral Rewards Program™ web page... and much more.

What is a steady stream of referrals worth to you?

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