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[Podcast] Episode 17: Change Your Mindset, Grow Your Contractor Business with Mike Agugliaro






4-Step Approach to Achieving Lasting Success

Do you ever feel like your business is taking all your time and energy, yet business growth does not match your effort?

For eleven years Mike Agugliaro, and his partner put in 18 hour days, seven days a week. His family rarely saw him. He knew he needed to make a change but did not know how. As Mike, himself says; “If I knew how to turn this around, I would have already done it.”

In this information packed interview, Mike shares his story of how he transformed his business. Mike is the co-owner of Gold Medal Service in Central New Jersey. Over the last 10 years, him and his partner Rob have taken Gold Medal Service to $30 million dollars a year in revenue (and growing), dozens of staff and thousands of loyal customers.

The best part is, today he works far fewer hours and enjoys life and his family much more.

In this episode, Mike shares not only his story but the steps he took to gain control and drive amazing business growth. This is the information Mike wishes he had when he started his service business. This is what you need to know. It’s not just effort that leads to success. We need to know the right things to do.

This podcast is worth your time. In fact, I’m betting you’ll listen to it more than once!


[Podcast] Episode 16: Creating an In-Demand Company Culture with Dan Dowdy




The #1 challenge that contractors – even Wealthy Contractors – share with me daily is how they struggle to find good help.

One Wealthy Contractor who has not only overcome this challenge, but has turned it into one of his company’s greatest strengths, is Dan Dowdy of S&D Plumbing.

Dan has created a company culture built around customer service and FUN that attracts young, talented employees. This reputation for being passionate about their customers and their employees has driven S&D Plumbing to transform their business in the past six years.

To listen to The Wealthy Contractor Podcast, just click here now.


The Overlooked Way To Instantly Make Every Customer More Profitable… Generate More Referrals for Your Contracting Business

Every contractor wants more profit. Sometimes you squeeze expenses; sometimes you raise prices. But what if you could instantly make every single customer INSTANTLY more profitable? Would you do it?

How to Generate More Referrals for Your Contracting Business

The overlooked strategy is simple and you can implement it immediately. That’s right—by the end of the day your customers will be instantly more profitable from now on, if you just implement this strategy.

The strategy is to generate more referrals for your contracting business. If you get more referrals from your customers, every single customer becomes instantly more profitable:

  • Your income generated from one customer grows because of the referral sales you generate.
  • New customers don’t require costly marketing to be sold on your services.
  • New customers who have been referred from your customers are more likely to buy from you, regardless of your price and even regardless of what other quotes and estimates they may have received from your competitors
  • Each referral you receive builds on itself (and builds your business), especially when Customer A refers Customer B, who refers Customer C, who refers Customer D, and so on.

Chances are, this information isn’t new to you. Chances are, you’ve tried to get referrals for your contracting business from customers in the past but the practice wasn’t consistent or the results didn’t convince you that it was worth your time.

Unfortunately, that’s reacting to the symptoms of the problem rather than the underlying issue. You see, inconsistent implementation and a lack of results are NOT the problem; they’re the symptoms. The problem is a lack of a referral system.

Implement a System to Generate More Referrals for Your Contracting Business

Implement a referral system, and you cure the problem. Suddenly, referrals for your contracting business become consistent… and game-changing for your business. One of our clients, Arry’s Roofing in Tampa Bay Florida, implemented a referral system and today their referrals are worth MILLIONS of dollars to their bottom line.

The system:

  1. Start by delivering AMAZING service to your customers. (Most contractors fall short in this first step because they only deliver what was expected instead of going above and beyond).
  2. Thank your customers for their business. No one does that anymore and customers want to feel appreciated.
  3. Stay in touch. Customers value your communication and staying in regular contact will keep you at the top of their minds.
  4. Create a Referral Rewards Program™. This is where a lot of contractors struggle because they may have a referral incentive but they don’t turn it into a referral program that keeps it fresh and engaging for customers. (There’s a big difference between just having an incentive and having a full-blown referral program.)
  5. Make a HUGE deal about the referrals you get. Your customers should feel tremendously appreciated when they refer someone to you.

In my experience, contractors who tried asking for referrals but stopped because of a lack of results usually struggled in one or more of these parts of the system. But when you get this system running like a finely-tuned engine, you’ll start generating more referrals for your contracting business more often.

Want to instantly make your customers more profitable? You can do it today by implementing a referral system that makes the process simple and automatic… And more profitable for your business.

For more insight about referrals come join us in the webinar “Need More Referrals?…Here’s How” on Wednesday, June 7th to receive a step-by-step process on what exactly Arry’s Roofing does to make themselves extraordinary.