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The ONE Skill That Every Wealthy Contractor Possesses


Every Wealthy Contractor I know possesses one very important skill.

That skill is the ability to sell.

It is said that nothing happens until someone sells something. These words couldn’t be more true. Unfortunately, too many people view sales as something “dirty” or unethical. Slimy, sleazy salesman they say. What the uninformed, uneducated and ignorant fail to realize is that when you and me go out and sell something, we are creating jobs, which provides income, which feeds and shelters families. Not to mention, provides people with the money to enjoy life – eat out, go on vacation, buy that purse, send their kids to good schools, go to the movies or buy that next big screen TV!

Nothing would happen in this country, or state, or city, or town if we didn’t get up everyday and face the horrors awaiting us in our pursuit closing more sales for your contracting business. Think about it, we face what the average person avoids like the plague – certain, clear and open rejection – to our faces, over the phone and through email. We even have to deal with quiet, frustrating rejection – no return call, no email, no response.

Close More Sales for Your Contractor Business

It takes intestinal fortitude to be a salesperson, you have to have a thick skin, you have to be able to face rejection – day after day, hour after hour. You have to be self-motivated, accountable and 100% responsible for your place in life. The best salespeople I know also consider the needs of the prospect before themselves… the average person more often than not, is not any of those things. Only WE understand – and are compensated by the fact – that if WE don’t sell something WE don’t eat!

No, my fellow Wealthy Contractor, selling is not sleazy or slimy… it is a noble pursuit and noble profession. So, no matter what they might tell you, no matter what you hear on the news, or hear from the uniformed and ignorant – I want you to know that me and my fellow salespeople (Wealthy Contractors) are behind you 100%. You have our support, even if we compete head-on, just keep it clean, make sure you deliver more value than you ask for in consideration and treat the customer in a way that respects the trust they have placed in you.

What Every Wealthy Contractor Understands

Obviously my intention here is not to teach you how to sell, give you the X steps to a masterful and successful sales presentation – no, it’s only to motivate you and inspire you. EVERY SINGLE WEALTHY CONTRACTOR (or other entrepreneur) I know understands the vital importance of this skill and is continually studying and learning to hone their craft. In fact, the best ones are the ones that are never done learning.

So as we go forward this year – and hopefully on track to close more sales for your contracting business than last year… my challenge to you (and me) is this: what are you going to do this week, this month, this quarter, this year to hone your craft, to get better, to grow? And no, running leads is not enough. Here are a few ideas; What book(s) can your read? What seminars can you attend? What audio program can you listen to? What videos can you watch? What tools can you provide your salespeople so they can further hone their craft?

Until next month… happy selling!